Netflix not coming to New Zealand

Netflix won’t be coming to New Zealand anytime soon says the on-demand TV and movies service.

Poor broadband penetration, internet infrastructure and regional distribution difficulties are stopping any plans for the service to be available in this country in the near future says Brent Ayrey, vice president of product innovation at Netflix.

“There are no current plans to launch Netflix in New Zealand,” Ayrey said in a recent presentation. “The way we think about our international opportunities is that it’s a little bit tactical in terms of the content we can access, and then it’s about broadband connectivity.”

He believes that New Zealand’s current broadband infrastructure would struggle to cope with the amount of data the service requires. In the US alone 33 per cent of all downstream internet traffic is from Netflix.

“It’s really a function of do people watch TV? Do we have the content? Does the internet infrastructure work? The answer for at least the last question for New Zealanders is no,” Ayrey said.

He also noted that the service would struggle to compete for distribution rights with the likes of iSky and Fatso, a DVD mail service. 

“The dream for us is to get to scale and buy some of that content globally, but today the structure is very much geographically determined. Different markets have different sets of rules, different structures, different players and different distributors. It’s fairly complicated.”


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  • just2cents

    Even if netflix is launched in NZ, the content that it can allow would be crap! The same thing that happened to Netflix Canada. Netflix launched in Canada, people got excited and
    bought subscriptions BUT there are not even 1/5 of the content available in netflix Canada than that is available in US netflix.

    And with the emergrnce of DNS tecnologies like which makes viewing
    US netflix as easy as 1-2-3, I don’t think there is any point in waiting for NZ netflix. Better make use of unotelly and stream US netflix.