Robyn Malcolm attacks John Key and National at Green Party opening

Outrageous Fortune actress Robyn Malcolm has attacked John Key and his National government at the opening of the Green Party’s election campaign.

The actress was MC of the party’s opening in Wellington and took the opportunity to have her say on the current government.

Malcolm had the same role at the Greens’ opening three years ago where she says New Zealand “ended up voting in a Government who’ve revealed their total lack of interest in leading us into the 21st century with any innovation, courage, or social integrity, despite what a nice guy he [Mr Key] seems to be”.

Malcolm savaged Mr Key and his party, saying National would “make anything up for a Hollywood mogul should they happen to come down this way” – a reference to the employment law changes following Sir Peter Jackson’s warnings over The Hobbit.

She said New Zealand was “fast becoming one of the most inegalitarian and backward countries in the OECD” but “we have a leader who seems to be more interested in talking about his cats on the radio, being seen at the rugby and getting on the cover of the Women’s Weekly”.

“I thought that was my job,” she said.

Source: Herald

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  • Tommy

    Love her even more!

  • aaronimpact

    Does she act anymore?