Strong reaction to TV3 child poverty documentary

There has been a strong reaction to the TV3 documentary last night that looked into child poverty in this country.

The Bryan Bruce-fronted Inside New Zealand: Inside Child Poverty documentary examined the last 100 years of child welfare in NZ, showing how children’s health has deteriorated over the years.

The Child Poverty Action Group labelled the documentary “compulsory viewing”.

“New Zealand has betrayed its proud history as a good place to bring up children. We should hang our collective heads in shame at our poor record for child health,” the group said today.

Diane Robertson of Auckland City Mission said: Here at the mission, we are seeing more and more families coming to us in desperate need, with children who are not being fed, clothed or housed adequately, and who are not receiving adequate medical care.

“While successive governments have said they will do everything they can to address the issue, nothing much has changed. While they are talking and not acting, more and more children are going hungry, suffering from preventable third-world diseases and well on the way towards becoming dysfunctional adults.”

The documentary has also been a talking point among the political parties, with many criticising National for not resolving the issue.

Source: Herald

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