The Celebrity Apprentice on TV2

8:30pm Tuesday, November 15 on TV2

This is the episode that went viral on the internet – Meatloaf goes mad in TV2’s most explosive season of The Celebrity Apprentice ever.

It starts off as business as usual as Donald Trump introduces the new task – the teams are going to create their own works of art, and they’ll be selling them to whomever will buy them through their own galleries.

But tempers fray and a tantrum follows for the men’s team, leading to a not-to-be-missed fit of explosive rage from Meatloaf.

The teams – as of the beginning of this season of The Celebrity Apprentice – are:

Men’s team: Musicians David Cassidy, John Rich, Mark McGrath, Survivor winner Richard Hatch, baseball manager Jose Canseco, rapper Lil Jon, Meat Loaf, and actor Gary Busey.

Women’s team: Actress Marlee Matlin (accompanied by her sign interpreter Jack), Playboy model Hope Dworazcyk, singer Dionne Warwick, television hosts Star Jones and Lisa Rinna, socialite and media personality NeNe Leakes, model Niki Taylor, and Michael Jackson’s famous sister, La Toya Jackson.

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