The Kennedys on Prime

9:40pm Tuesday, November 22 on Prime


At home and with little to do, for the first time in his life Joe Sr. feels useless. Rose is angry, and feels her sons have abandoned their father. Over at the Justice Department, Bobby decides to put additional indictments of Sam Giancana on hold, compromising his principles. The stress weighs on him, and he brings it home. In the South, civil rights demonstrators are protesting. JFK calls a meeting with the Southern Caucus of the Senate, who state their opposition to desegregation. Being a southerner, Vice President Lyndon Johnson wants to be put to use to help diffuse the increasingly volatile state of affairs in the South. But Bobby is still bitter about comments Johnson made while running against his brother, and keeps him on the sidelines. Then, terrible news: Joe suffers a stroke from which he may never fully recover. Meanwhile, Jackie is still receiving ‘treatments’ from Dr. Jacobson, and Jack worries she may be developing an addiction.

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