TVNZ and Telecom interested in new Sky TV platform

TVNZ and Telecom re looking to join Sky TV’s proposed new digital terrestrial pay television platform.

The Herald reports today that the pair are in “advanced talks” to join Sky’s venture, which will have its business plan finalised before Christmas.

Sky TV chief John Fellet confirmed that they have held discussions with two parties but declined to name them. It is believed they are TVNZ and Telecom.

The venture, which is tentatively titled “Igloo”, will coincide with the digital switchover between 2012 and 2014. It will make use of the TV masts that are currently used for the existing free-to-air channels.

“Igloo” will offer an alternative between free-to-air digital channels on Freeview and a basic Sky digital package, which costs $47.66,” Fellet said.

The platform is likely to cost around $25 per month and feature 10 to 14 channels, not including sport.

Source: Herald

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  • elaliotv

    I guess its the last nail in the coffin for freeview!!!!!! COME ON TVNZ START OFFERING MORE CONTENT FOR FREEVIEW RATHER THAN PUTTING IT BEHIND A PAY WALL! How about a channel for shows that bomb in primetime but are critically acclaimed eg Justified and the channel could just broadcast during peak viewing times.

  • Mike Farmer

    The sooner the government legislates against these crazy joint ventures the better. Tvnz is sleeping around like a tramp!

  • i don’t want to enter a name

    Of course TVNZ is interested in marrying up with sky, it can’t compete and has to suvive. Every govt here has ignored the fact that (taxpayer owned) free-to-air TVNZ has been overtaken by the unregulated pay-tv monster that now is SKY tv – rest assued there will always be a “freeview” compilation of channels – but just no guarantee of quality.

  • David Finch

    “Sky-lite” or “Igloo”…. sounds like one of those whack celebrity baby names. In this case… the b*stard child of Sky and TVNZ.