Wanna-ben: Politician on TV3

10:00pm – Friday, November 25 on TV 3

WANNA-BEn… Boyce is back for his second one-off special of the year and this time he’s set his sights on becoming a politician and running the country in WANNA-BEn: Politician, screening on Friday, November 25 th at 10pm on 3. After failing the make Graham Henry’s All Black squad, Ben returns to TV, only to be bullied by his boss into making an Election Special.

Ben’s only logical solution – is to become Prime Minister so he’ll never get told what to do again!

Armed with the sage words of his political mentors; Phil Goff, Winston Peters and Hone Harawira, Ben attempts to fast track the road to political success in his own misguided fashion; enlisting the help of as many famous New Zealand faces as he can con into appearing on the show.

While Boyce actually ran in the last election, receiving 13,016 votes, with his “Bill & Ben Party”, this counts for nothing, with Ben’s 2011 political portfolio made up of silly political skits, sketches and parodies.

So why does Ben now wannabe a politician? “It looks like a pretty sweet gig – you get a free BMW and a Radio LIVE slot, to talk about cats,” says Ben. “Not only do they get to run the country but they also seem to act like children and some even take naps at work! Why wouldn’t I want to be a politician?!”

WANNA-BEn: Politician screens the night before the election, Friday, November 25 th at 10pm on 3.

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