Weekend Murders: Lewis on Prime

8:40pm Saturday, November 19 on Prime


Allegory of Love

Lewis and Hathaway are brought in to investigate the murder of Marina Hartner, found by the river bank, brutally murdered with what seemingly was an antique Persian mirror. The murderer had left a bloodstained note on it and written the word ‘Uqbara’. Hamid Jassim, a university lecturer, specialising in Comparative Religion confirms that the mirror is his. Jassim believes someone must have stolen it from his college room, after he had left to attend Dorian Crane’s book launch at the Randolph hotel. Unfortunately for the police, anyone could have taken it as its college practice to leave doors unlocked. Dr Jem Wishart identifies Marina’s body and says that she had registered with his practice when she arrived from the Czech Republic. Interestingly, the post mortem report reveals that Marina had consensual sex the night of her murder, but there’s no evidence or witnesses to suggest who she might have been with. Will Lewis and Hathaway be able to find out who it is?

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