What to expect from TV One in 2012

TVNZ launched their 2012 season tonight at the Viaduct Events Centre.  As per the invitation, it was very much a Pan Am themed event (Not Pam Am as the TVNZ press release stated).  While the girls who greeted everyone at the door and eventually directed everyone to their seats were dressed in the blue garb of the aviation icon, they lacked the true poise and sophistication that is displayed throughout the new series.

After an hour of plying the hundreds of advertisers with alcohol we were invited to board flight 2012.  First up, TVNZ’s head of Sales and Marketing pimped the network’s channels and how successful they’d been.  Special mention was made of all their social streams and how people should visit them to see how people are interacting with them, although, perhaps not the Coronation Street one.

Of all the shows screening on TV One in 2012, there were six that were made special mention of.  They were:

Pan Am (Thomas Schlamme – The West Wing)

Alcatraz (JJ Abrams)

Titanic (From the writers of Downton Abbey)

Person of Interest (JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan – Tha Dark Knight)


Prime Suspect

New local shows include High Country Reserve, Radar’s Pacific, the Phil Keoghan hosted Wild at Heart and Jacqui Brown’s new show Keep Calm and Carry On.  There’s also a local version of World’s Strictest Parents on the way.

Despite promoting it last year, TVNZ have decided to wait for the second season of Episodes before they screen the first one.  I would suggest buying a copy but it’s not out on DVD until the 28th of February in the US.

For those who loved Gyspy Weddings, wait until you see Seven Dwarves!

Another to look out for is the HBO series Enlightened although I’m not sure if it’ll be screening first on SoHo.

Returning shows
Nothing Trivial 
I Shouldn’t Be Alive
Beyond the Darklands
Food Truck
Intrepid Journeys
Winners and Losers
Packed to the Rafters
Criminal Minds
Harry’s Law 

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  • Tony Waring

    Did nobody think to ask TVNZ what they were doing with the world’s longest running drama, Coronation Street?

    TVNZ should show more respect for its viewers, and rather than kill the show off through editing out its adult content to suit kiddies hour, should relinquish its licence for the programme to another NZ broadcaster.


  • Ant

    TVNZ wants to make it quiet about what happens to Coronation St.