Following on from last night’s post about the new shows coming to TV One, here’s what’s instore for TV2 in 2012.

First off, a rebrand.  If my assumptions are correct, think the TV One logo but take the “One” out of the circle and put the current “2” inside it.  This would certainly bring some consistency between the channels.

Shortland Street will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2012 while Go Girls will be back for a fourth season.  The trailer shows Kevin returning from Thames to tell the girls that he thinks he’s just left his wife.  Considering Zoe Cramond (Amanda) is now a regular on Packed to the Rafters in Australia, that’s probably why.

TV2 seemed to be a bit light on the big new dramas to fill the gaps of final seasons of Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy but there are some good new shows in there.

First up is GCB. It was originally called Good Christian Bitches, then Good Christian Belles and now, due to the obvious controvery, GCB.  It features that annoying Kristin Chenoweth from Glee.

Two Broke Girls boasts the highest rating for a fall premiere of a comedy series since fall 2001. This was in part thanks to the new season premiere of Two and a Half Men without Charlie Sheen.


Every year there seems to be a common theme across the networks.  Last year it was superheroes although No Ordinary Family wasn’t all that TVNZ promised us. This year, it’s fairy tales.  From the writers of Lost comes Once Upon a Time.

Two other new comedies are Man Up and Suburgatory.

Revenge has done very well for ABC with it’s blend of sweet, sexy and ice cold.

Other new shows include Chelsea Straight Up (Are You There Vodka It’s Me, Chelsea), The Secret Circle (from the writers of Vampire Diaries) and Heart of Dixie.

After the presentation was finished, there was a loud bang and the curtain at the back of the venue tumbled from the ceiling. Flames burst into the air and 4 masterchef kitchen tables were revealed with various TV chefs preparing food.

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  • Fact Finder

    Nothing here worth watching.

    HBO, AMC, TNT, FX, Showtime and BBC is where the quality TV comes from.

    Certainly not ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX or The CW.

  • Preston

    Fact Finder, you hopeless snob. There are several quality, fun shows from the latter mentioned networks. Also, you forget to mention Starz, some great shows emerging from that network.

  • n0exit

    What happens if these shows are cancelled before they air in NZ? Does tvnz just air what’s there.

  • regan

    @n0exit, if history repeats itself, TVNZ will pimp them as the hottest new show and run the episodes they have in prime time before they mysteriously disappear

  • Fact Finder

    Yes regan it baffles me why they buy them in the first place. The fall season in the US has been going for a few weeks now, and the new season launches in New Zealand have just recently been announced. That means they had time to monitor progress, and yet they still went with Pan Am etc. All that promotion for one season that will probably rate the same way it did on ABC. The potential advertising buy-ins would seem more desirable if the shows indicated long-term high viewership. Hopefully they mentioned that for Once Upon a Time, but Chelsea Straight Up and Good Christian Belles haven’t even premiered yet.

    Preston, there’s nothing snobby about choosing to watch high-quality television. Why would I sit through free-to-air TV where seasons are twice as long and half as compelling? The snob-factor might be subscribing to Sky and SoHo, but I get the great material through other, much cheaper means.

    You kind of refuted your own point by advocating Starz, which I didn’t mention so thanks. I recently watched the brilliant premiere of Boss, and looking forward to the new Spartacus of course. DirecTV are aso geniuses for allowing Friday Night Lights and Damages to continue – two of my favourite shows. Aside from Modern Family and The Good Wife what are the other fun and quality shows on network TV? Please clue me in, I’m dying to know.

  • Preston

    Well you’ve mentioned 2 examples already, here are some more: Parks and Recreation, Nikita, Castle, Hawaii Five-0, Supernatural, Fringe, 30 Rock, Up All Night, The Office, Parenthood, and Friday Night Lights as you mentioned, one of the best dramas, originated from NBC.

  • i cant wait to viewing dallas secret circle the river heart of dixie and all brand new comedys big budget block buster movies if tv3 is taking on tv2 comedys then just smile but go 100 % bigger