Details released for new pay-TV service Igloo

Details were released yesterday for the new Sky Television/TVNZ pay-TV service Igloo.

Stuff reports that a website for the service was made available yesterday for a short period of time before going offline that detailed the channels and features of the service.

Eleven Sky channels would be available on the service, with customers able to pay in advance for “30-day channel packs” that would consist of Sky channels BBC News, BBC Knowledge, UKTV, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Heartland, Vibe, Food Television, Kidzone24, MTV Hits and Comedy Central.

FreeviewHD free-to-air television broadcasts would also be accessible to Igloo customers.

“Thousands of blockbuster movies and TV episodes” would be available for download with the service also.

It is understood that the service would either require customers to be sold or rent special digital set-top boxes that would let viewers pause live TV. 

The service is expected to launch by June next year.

Source: Stuff

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  • David Finch

    Once more TVNZ: why are we being asked to pay for Heartland and Kidzone?  Heartland is comprised almost entirely of pubicly funded shows.  Kidzone was developed with public money for broadcast on Freeview. Give us back what we’ve already paid for and stop stealing from us.

  • I don’t want to enter A name

    Great i am sick of paying sky for a bunch of useless channels, I can’t wait to downgrade and cut my money transfers to Murdoch !

  • no thanks

    Geesus, SKY NZ is NOT owned by MURDOCH. News corp own a company that have a minority shareholding. There is no connection otherwise between the companies so don’t try that crap.

  • AJ

    @no thanks : you may want to check your facts :

    @ David : a very good point.

    Also, which idiot decided TVNZ should be a minority shareholder in Igloo???

  • no thanks

    Doesn’t mean they’re owned by News Corp