Dont Miss It This Time!!!!!!

Just is case fellow members of Throng you have missed the entire series run of Friends. TV2 will again be screening it from the beginning on Tuesday. Be sure not to miss this rare occurance or you will be kicking yourselves.

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  • AJ

    Why watch an old re-run when there is new (and better) content on TV?  There are a number of high production value dramas on which are much more enjoyable.  And if you are specifically seeking comedy, I think it may have moved on somewhat from the 80’s or 90’s or whenever friends first screened.  Sorry to say but 7 days and other more recent comedies beat Friends hands down.

  • reece_555

    I blame the programmers at TVNZ, there seems to be far more repeats accross TV2 these days more than ever.

  • Preston

    7 Days is funny but comparing it to a sitcom is stupid. They are completely different shows.

  • Notre Damne

    they didnt pay for it in hd to only screen it once

  • AJ

    @Preston : a connoisseur of comedies are we?  But hey, if you want to waste your evening watching tired re-runs then knock yourself out!

  • Preston

    AJ, to be honest, you come off as an idiot. 

  • AJ

    Yep – just as I thought.  Incapable of forming a logical argument.  You just keep watching re-runs of friends.  Best not interrupt the adults when they are talking.

  • Preston

    Not that I ever said i watched friends or commented on its quality in any way… If you’re looking to start a stupid argument on the internet maybe try a youtube comments page?

  • Harrison

    In my opinion, Friends is the best TV series ever made.

  • Ant

    No suprises there that they’ve decided to repeat the whole show again, I agree with Notre they wouldn’t get it in HD to play it once. I’d imagine one day when a new program manager comes along to TVNZ we may see something different at 6:30 and hopefully at 5:30 too, something thats not been repeated heaps of times would be nice.

  • DaMo

    I now think, and it makes sense, that TVNZ don’t want to air anything different that could take viewers away from the News hour on One.

  • reece_555

    Yeah, its pretty much TVNZ saying if you arent going to watch One News (but you really should) then at least watch this alternative.