Escaped on TV2

9:30pm Thursday, December 1 on TV2

In 2006 Karen Kummerer left for work like any other day, but what followed was not just another day in the office; it was a week-long ordeal as her ex-boyfriend kidnapped her and drove her across five states. Tonight, Escaped explains how she got away.

Karen Kummerer did not know her boyfriend Joseph Freeman had threatened a 74-year-old with a knife, resulting in a criminal conviction for armed home invasion. Their relationship lasted for six months before she broke it off, a decision that lead to Joseph stalking her.

She took out a restraining order, but six days after she obtained a permanent injunction for protection, he kidnapped her and began a terrifying trek across country. Karen believed she wouldn’t get out alive, but against the odds, she did. Find out how tonight.

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