Igloo details confirmed

(From a press release)

Kiwi TV is about to change forever. We have already caused quite a stir and today New Zealand’s worst kept secret is officially revealed – we’re launching an exciting new TV service called Igloo.

Igloo’s GM Chaz Savage says, “Igloo is literally telly made by Kiwis for Kiwis. We ran six months of research asking Kiwis what they wanted. They told us what channels they wanted and the fact that more choice and flexibility were key. We took all of that research and from it we created Igloo.”

SKY Television (51% shareholding) and TVNZ (49% shareholding) have formed a partnership to launch Igloo in the first half of 2012. Easy, great value and flexible, Igloo has no installation costs, no long term contracts or termination fees. It’s pre-pay TV!

The retail price of the set top box is yet to be confirmed but we are aiming to sell it for under $200. Once you’ve plugged it into your TV and UHF aerial you get all the free to air channels and you have the option to purchase a 30 day channel pack for around $25 giving you access to 11 Igloo channels.

Igloo’s 11 channels will include Comedy Central, UKTV, Food TV, BBC World News and BBC Knowledge, MTV Hits, Kidzone24, National Geographic Channel, TVNZ Heartland, Animal Planet and Vibe.

You can also purchase live pay-per-view sports events and rent titles from a catalogue of over a 1,000 movies and TV episodes. On Demand films and TV episodes are streamed over your broadband connection and once purchased will be available to view as many times as you like for 48 hours.

You can opt in and out of paid content whenever you want, paying through the Igloo box or via the website for content you want to watch.

The Igloo box includes WiFi and Ethernet connections to access the On Demand content and enables you to purchase content from your couch. You will also be able to purchase content from the Igloo website www.igloo.co.nz. The Igloo box also features two USB ports, one to play your own home media like family movies, holiday snaps and music on your TV, the other to enable the live pause functionality.

“We’re so excited about launching this alternative for Kiwis,” says Chaz. “And we believe that if you invite Igloo into your home the world will arrive with it – from David Attenborough to Rhys Darby, from the All Blacks to Usain Bolt, from Lennon to Gaga, from Downton Abbey to The Kennedys. It’s all there and it’s never been easier to access.”

SKY’s CEO John Fellet says, “The launch of Igloo is perfectly timed to take advantage of the digital switch over and it will give Kiwis more choice about what television they watch and how they want to watch it.”

“We want to get as much great content to New Zealanders as possible,” adds TVNZ’s CEO Rick Ellis. “Joining forces with SKY and launching Igloo allows us to do just that – it opens up more great shows and programmes to many more Kiwi households.”

Chaz says, “EasyPeazy is the Igloo philosophy. From installation onwards it’s all about simplicity. All you need is a UHF aerial and you’re away laughing. No technician required. We think every home needs an Igloo.”

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  • AJ

    This press release is complete twaddle.  After “6 months research” they re-package existing channels…..and this is more choice??  The research I have seen suggests Kiwis want to see more of Kiwis on TV, not more of the same old crapola served up for a fee.  You won’t be able to watch the All Black or Usain Bolt on Igloo straight out of the box – well not live anyway.  You can always gets highlights in the free-to-air news and delayed coverage on Prime if you aren’t a complete sports nut and prepared to wait.  But for the All Blacks and Usain Bolt you will have to pay more.

  • reece_555

    The lineup of channels is designed to be bad enough to convince current sky subscribers not to downgrade. But attract new subscribers (who may or may not be convinced they are missing out) a cheaper product.

  • AJ

    Too true.

    National Geographic : the show people say they want to watch when asked in a survey.  What they actually watch : re-runs of friends……..

  • Preston

    Usain Bolt is not a kiwi

  • TR

    What about those of us who don’t have a UHF and wouldn’t get reception even if we did?

  • AJ

    @Preston : what an idiotic statement.  I would love to stay and debate the finer points of the English language but feel any such efforts will be wasted given your post fails on so many levels.  I fear reading comprehension isn’t your strong point and I’m not going to let an idiot drag me down to his level and beat me with experience by further engaging on this subject.  However, I am happy to engage with any such trolling comments you continue to make, to highlight your lack of mental faculties.  I invite you to further display your ignorance by replying to this post in your defence.

  • Carol

    It’s the same old tired package of programming.

    It will attract some interest from those only willing to spend $25 a month but the boldest move Sky could make would be to allow customers to pay only for the channels they actually want, instead of forcing them to pay for channels they don’t want, in order to view the channels they do want.

  • Steve

    How the heck is this lineup “Telly made by Kiwis for Kiwis”? BBC News… BBC Knowledge… UKTV… MTV Hits… Comedy Central…?? The whole marketing-to-kiwi-sentiments thing is out of control. Practically none of the programming on this line-up is made by kiwis (or *for* them) with the exception of Heartland and (parts of) KidZone24. Please stop this drivel.

  • I don’t want to enter A name

    Who is usain bolt ?