Keeping Up With The Joneses on One

7:00pm Saturday, December 17 on TV One

Meet the Joneses: an ordinary family living extraordinary lives at a vast cattle property called Coolibah, in the heart of Australia’s top end.

Tonight, the first big muster is over. But the following morning, someone hasn’t made it back home. Milton sends out a search party to track down one of his most trusted workers.

Raine takes Jeff on a shopping trip to buy him clothes more suitable to being a cowboy. On the way back to Coolibah… she picks up a live crocodile.

Trevor is having trouble breaking his horse. And to add to the pressure of coming out of retirement as a jockey, he’s suddenly got a rival: Milton’s sister Terry announces she’s riding in the same race.

Milton’s bigger kids Beau and Alex are home from boarding school. And what better way to unwind than water skiing underneath Milton’s chopper on a croc-filled river.

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