Keeping Up With The Joneses on One

7:00pm Saturday, December 3 on TV One

Meet the Joneses: an ordinary family living extraordinary lives at a vast cattle property called Coolibah in the heart of Australia’s top end.

Tonight, Trevor the Cranky Cook wants to make a comeback as a jockey. He hasn’t ridden in 25-years and he’s hoping Milton Jones will lend him a horse. But Milton decides it’s time to get square for Trevor’s late arrival to Coolibah Station.

The Wet is over and the first muster of the new season is about to start. The land around Coolibah is a tinderbox. One spark and the whole country could go up in flames. That spark…is Milton.

Rookie Jeff gets a tough initiation to being a worker at Coolibah. Milton’s testing him out, but who’s going to crack?

And little Milton gets a riding lesson from mum, Cristina.

Missed an episode of Keeping Up With The Joneses? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

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