Morning Briefing

Downton Abbey to be shortened

Season three episodes of Downton Abbey will be cut in length by 15 minutes, down to an hour. Only the season opener will run for the usual 90 minutes.

M*A*S*H actor passes away

Former M*A*S*H actor Harry Morgan has died, aged 96. The actor was most well known for playing the role of Colonel Sherman Potter in the popular army series.

Glee pays tribute to MJ

An upcoming episode of Glee will feature a tribute to the music of Michael Jackson.  The musical series will feature up to 12 songs from the singer in the episode.

Outnumbered may not return

UK comedy series Outnumbered may not return for another full season due to the fact its actors are getting too old. 14-year-old actor Tyger Drew-Honey says the family sitcom may not work for much longer because the kids are now too old to fit the style of the show.

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