NZ On Air approves funding for second seasons of Super City, Global Radar

NZ On Air has announced funding for a range of television projects throughout 2012.



Two drama projects were supported including the new 13 hour drama series, Blue Rose, for TV3.  This project comes from the red hot pen of Rachel Lang and promises to be a fresh and engaging primetime series.  The second project is feature film Mt Zion from Quinton Hita and Tearepa Kahi that is being produced with support from NZFC and Te Māngai Pāho, and will screen on Māori Television.  


Three comedy projects were supported for TV3 including Comedy Festival Bonanza that will see several programmes emanate from the 2012 International Comedy Festival including coverage of the traditional opening gala.  A second series of Madeleine Sami’s award winning Super City has also been supported along with new comedy series, The Wilde Bunch. 



Two documentary programmes were approved at this meeting including a second series of Global Radar for TV One that will once again see Te Radar (pictured) investigate sustainability and environmental issues that impact on New Zealanders.  A new series Family Report was supported for TV3 that will be made by The Gibson Group.



New 7 part series Behind the Brush was supported for Māori Television and will profile the work of Gottfried Lindauer as well as revealing the stories of the subjects of his well known portraits.  This series is being produced in conjunction with Te Māngai Pāho.


The Platinum Fund meeting saw current affairs programmes Q+A and The Nation receive support for 2012.  Both series play an important role in the discourse around political and current events within New Zealand and 2012 will no doubt present a wide range of subject material for them to canvass.  

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About the author

  • reece_555

    Its good that TV3 has another drama for the year.

    Supercity on the other hand was a ratings bomb week after week why would they waste more money on it?

  • Mike Farmer

    Those that did watch raved about super City. And didn’t it win big at the aftas? One of those shows they gotta do again as a public service!

  • Robbo

    Supercity always looked like it could be funny, mainly because the star is a talented actress, but there was never much to laugh at. Still, we’ve always struggled with original comedy, and this was much better than most of the painful efforts in our short TV history, so I reckon it deserves another go. 

  • blabla

    Really? I tried watching the first episode of Supercity and didn’t find it funny at all. Hated it. The ratings were too crap to even make a vanity/public service renewal!!!! 

  • reece_555

    Yeah i didnt find it funny at all either, and I always give local comedy a go and I like Madeleine Sami.