Shameless on TV2

11:00pm Monday, December 5 on TV2

Fake weddings, stolen cars and worrying medical news keep TV’s most dysfunctional family busy in Shameless, tonight.

Eldest daughter Fiona (Golden Globe-nominee Emily Rossum, The Phantom of the Opera) is still trying to keep the cast of misfits, criminals and substance abusers together, and so when she hears Veronica (Shanola Hampton) is going ahead with her marriage to Kevin (Steve Howey), who is in fact already married, she tries to shut it down. But when she hears that Veronica’s mother is prepared to offer a very generous cash gift as a wedding day incentive, she and the other Gallagher’s start planning the (fake) wedding of the year.

With Steve (Justin Chatwin) trying to steal the perfect Lexus and Frank (Academy Award-nominee William H Macy, Fargo) spiralling out of control upon discovering he has a tumor, Fiona has her hands more than full.

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