Shortland Street Fan Awards 2011: Winners


The winners in the sixth annual Shortland Street Fan Awards have been announced.

Viewers gave the 2011 season an average rating of 7.7/10, the same as 2010. The number who gave the score a perfect 10 was 16%, up from 13% last year.

TK Samuels lost his spot as Favourite Male Character to Daniel Potts this year while returning Ferndale resident Vinnie Kruse took second place.

Bella Cooper defeated the recently departed Sophie McKay for Favourite Female Character but Kimberley Crossman picked up Favourite Actress and Hottest Female. Crossman was also voted most missed character and the most popular non-dead character that fans would like to see brought back.

Fans overwhelmingly stated that the biggest letdown of 2011 was TK and Sarah not getting back together.  Getting the couple back together was also the theme for fans’ hopes for 2012.



Favourite male character
Daniel Potts
[Vinnie Kruse] 

Favourite female character
Bella Cooper
[Sophie McKay]

Favourite actor
Ido Drent
[Pua Magasiva]

Favourite actress
Kimberley Crossman
[Amanda Billing]

Hottest male
Ido Drent (Daniel Potts)
[Benjamin Mitchell (TK Samuels)]

Hottest female
Kimberley Crossman (Sophie McKay)
[Sally Martin (Nicole Miller)]

Best dressed character
Lana Jacobs
[Brooke Freeman]

Worst dressed character
Jasmine Cooper
Zlata Waldheim

Best Hair
Bella Cooper
[Sophie McKay]

Worst hair
Jasmine Cooper
[Luke Durville]

Most missed character
Sophie McKay
[Brodie Kemp]

Favourite new character
Lana Jacobs
[Tillie Potts]

Character you’d most like to get rid of
Hunter McKay
[Harry Warner]

Favourite couple
Luke and Bella
[TK and Roimata]

Worst couple
Callum and Jill
[TK and Roimata]

Which non-dead character would you most like to bring back
Sophie McKay
[Brodie Kemp]

Favourite major storyline
TK’s Bride vs baby drama
[Hunter’s addiction]

Best thing to happen on Shortland Street in 2011
Luke and Bella getting together
[The arrival of Tillie Potts]

Funniest moment of 2011
Bella losing her dress (overwhelmingly)

Saddest moment of 2011
Scotty and Tracey leaving 
[The Jeffries leaving Ferndale]

Most boring storyline of 2011
Hunter’s addiction

Biggest letdown of 2011
TK and Sarah not getting back together (overwhelmingly)

Rate the 2011 season:

What fans hope for in 2012
TK and Sarah to get back together
Bring back Sophie McKay
Bring back Kip and Alice
Stop ruining storylines by making everything go wrong/bad for the characters. Some feel-good story would be good.
Hunter’s addiction either goes away or he does
For hunter to go on a methampthetamine fueled killing spree before killing himself.
Hunter to give up the drugs, get over himself and grow up!

Comments about 2011
It was great. Had it’s ups and downs and there are some characters that have really done their dash on the show. But can’t not watch it!

You’re missing a 5’7 17 year old girl with brown hair

I just started watching it this year and am in LOVE! I’m proud to now say, I’m a die hard fan!

The end-of-episode cliffhangers aren’t cliffhangers any more. They’re more like that moment when you realise that present under the tree for you is either socks or knickers – still a mystery, but you don’t really care if you never find out.



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  • Benjamin Paul

    Daniel Potts!? What the hell! He is TERRIBLE! I guess because he never has any decent storylines people can like him, he is non-offensive.

  • reece_555

    Yep im stunned as well, the character just seemed to be there all year without any real purpose.

  • TKKK

    Did Kimberly Crossman get all her tween fans to vote for her in this thing? Surely she wasn’t that great

  • reece_555

    @ TKKK. LOL I think she attempted that before with a magazine peoples choice award as well.