Shortland Street on TV2

7:00pm Friday, December 9 on TV2

Vinnie’s (Pua Magasiva) Christmas cheer is bestowed on an unsuspecting candidate this week on Shortland Street.

Excited about the holiday season, Vinnie accuses Brooke (Beth Allen) of being a Grinch when she refuses to take part in the hospital Christmas decoration competition. However, when Rachel (Angela Bloomfield) expresses an interest in the competition Brooke, desperate to gain Rachel’s respect, quickly changes her tune.

Stealing medical supplies from other departments, Brooke creates her own decoration and Vinnie is impressed. Feeling like a fraud for jumping on the wagon so late, Brooke flees when Vinnie tries to be affectionate. Taking up the chase, Vinnie spots the blonde and plants a kiss on her but Vinnie is left shocked and confused when he realises that the victim of his affection is not who he expected.

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