Weekend Murders: Lewis on Prime

SUNDAY 3rd December 8.40pm


Lewis and Hathaway are called in to investigate the death of a man found beaten and drowned in his bath. By the body they discover a postcard bearing the cryptic message ‘It was no dream’. Taking the name Stephen Mullan from the victim’s work I.D, Hathaway learns that Mullan was a religious fanatic and ex heroin addict, who had recently been released from prison after a drink driving incident. But Lewis remembers the case, and explains that it was more complicated than it first appeared. In fact Mullan had attempted to kill Oxford physics don turned celebrity atheist Tom Rattenbury. Tracing the mysterious postcard back to the Ashmolean Museum, Lewis learns that the quote ‘It was no dream’ comes from a Thomas Wyatt poem, a famous lover’s rebuke. But who was Mullan’s secret lover…?

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