Weekend Murders: Lewis on Prime

8:40pm Saturday, December 10 on Prime


Responding to complaints from a local vicar about a disturbance of the peace, Lewis and Hathaway visit the mansion of rock legend Richie Maguire. As they arrive, Lewis notices a dent in the iron gates and a dark stain on the road. Once inside, Lewis comes face to face with the rock icons from his youth and is awe struck to learn that Esme Ford, the band’s lead singer, has just resurfaced after being presumed dead for over thirty years. As they leave, Lewis receives a call to say that the body of a young orphan, Lucas Emerson, has been found nearby. Realising that the boy died after being hit by a car, and that flakes of anti-rust paint were found on his body, Lewis immediately recalls the suspicious scene outside Richie’s mansion.

Lewis’ hunch proves correct, and the stain by the gates matches Lucas’ blood. But upon checking the vehicles owned by the band, Lewis and Hathaway find nothing incriminating. However, they do discover that the band’s groupie, Bone, has thousands of pounds in cash stuffed beneath the passenger seat of his car…

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