Body In Numbers on Prime

7:30pm Saturday, January 28 on Prime

Documentary Series

From London to Los Angeles, Melbourne to Mecca, Buenos Aires to Bangkok we all have one thing in common – our body. We tend to take it for granted, blissfully unaware of the thousands of breaths we take each day, the millions of receptors our eyes use to see, or the billions of beats our heart will make in our life. In Body In Numbers we look at what an amazing creation your body is. We decode your body’s vital statistics in a way that will completely change the way you think about yourself. Can you imagine how much sweat you’ll produce in a lifetime or how many years you will spend asleep?

In Body In Numbers we will show you exactly what these statistics mean, pouring out all the tears you produce, the volume of blood you heart pumps in a day and laying out the number of light receptors in your eyes. In the first episode we examine the miracle of conception, how sperm has to swim the equivalent of six times across the Atlantic to reach the female egg, how that one fertilized cell will generate trillions of others, and how the information in your DNA would take nine and a half years to read out loud.

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