Curb Your Enthusiasm on TV2

11:30pm Wednesday, January 11 on TV2

The hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm only gets funnier this week as Ricky Gervais (The Office) guest-stars as himself, tonight on TV2.

Curb Your Enthusiasm has won an almost cult following for its unique partially scripted, partially off the cuff style, so when a comic talent such as Ricky Gervais gets involved, you know it will be laugh out loud entertainment.

Similar to the way guest-stars are represented on Gervais’ own show Extras, Gervais plays an over-exaggerated version of himself – obnoxious, arrogant and pretentious. Larry David and Gervais have a rivalry throughout the episode, and although David’s manager Jeff (Jeff Garlin) tries to woo Gervais, his best efforts are thwarted by a very nosy waiter.

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