Falling Skies on TV2

8:30pm Wednesday, January 25 on TV2

TV2’s thrilling drama series Falling Skies concludes tonight, as the team face attacks, security breaches, and even a mutiny.

Falling Skies is set six months after aliens have taken over Earth, destroying the vast majority of the world’s population, wiping out all its defence forces, neutralising its infrastructure, and rounding up teenage males.

Tom Mason (Noah Wyle, E.R) is second-in-command of resistance organisation The 2nd Mass, and tonight divisions within the ranks threaten to tear the group apart.

In addition to a possible mutiny, a new discovery has profound implications for Tom and the group, and a security breach threatens the lives of both the soldiers fighting the advancing aliens and the civilians they are trying to protect.

As the series wraps up, Tom finds himself confronted with a decision that may lead him to discover what the aliens want with the captured teenagers, humankind, and planet Earth.

Missed an episode of Falling Skies? Full episodes are available online. Go to tvnz.co.nz and click the Ondemand link.

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