Frozen Planet on One

8:30pm Tuesday, January 24 on TV One

Continue the journey across frozen continents with Sir David Attenborough, as he traverses the polar regions, from North Pole to South.

Tonight on Frozen Planet, it’s spring in the polar regions and the sun appears after an absence of five months; warmth and life return to these magical ice worlds – the greatest seasonal transformation on our planet is underway.

Male adelie penguins arrive in Antarctica to build their nests – it takes a good property to attract the best mates and the males will stop at nothing to better their rivals! But these early birds face the fiercest storms on the planet.

In the Arctic, a polar bear mother is hunting with her cubs. Inland, the frozen rivers start to break up and billions of tons of ice are swept downstream in the greatest of polar spectacles. This melt-water fertilizes the Arctic Ocean, feeding vast shoals of arctic cod and narwhal. The influx of freshwater accelerates the breakup of the sea-ice – an area of ice the size of Australia will soon vanish from the Arctic.

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