Nature's Miracle Babies on One

7:30pm Sunday, January 8 on TV One

Join zoologist Martin Hughes-Games as he follows the stories of some very precious babies – precious because they are a vital lifeline for some of the rarest animals on the planet.

Tonight, in the final episode of Nature’s Miracle Babies, Martin follows the most uplifting story of a group of eleven Bald Ibis chicks being taught to follow microlites and fly back to freedom on a breath-taking migration over the Alps.

Over in the USA, he meets Black Footed ferret babies being bred on an industrial scale in the hope of bringing this species back from extinction in a high tech laboratory in Colorado.

Back in Australia he witnesses the heart-warming story of the Bilby brothers, who have gone to extraordinary lengths to bring on one of Australia’s most charming and endangered animals, the rabbit-like Bilby.

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