Shearing Gang on Prime

9:35pm Tuesday, January 31 on Prime

Documentary Series

There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand and they all need one thing… to be shorn! Shearing Gang is a colourful character-driven factual series that goes behind the scenes to reveal the tensions, humour, pressures and expertise of New Zealand’s premiere shearing gangs, all set against some of our most jaw-dropping beautiful landscapes. Leading the gangs is shearing mogul Peter Lyon, who is Central Otago’s biggest shearing operator. In each episode, Pete introduces the station and the job, and selects the perfect gang to cut it out. Pete’s an engaging, pragmatic guy with a great sense of humour who can be tough when he needs to be – he runs up to 400 workers a day at the peak of the season. A former champion shearer himself, he’s a great guide to the world of shearing. Tonight, Pete has 9,000 sheep to shear in nine days at Mt Nicholas, so he sends in a top gang. Problem is, rain interrupts the shear, yoga sessions take over the woolshed, and personality tensions threaten the entire job.

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