The Celebrity Apprentice on TV2

8:30pm Tuesday, January 3 on TV2

We’ve seen Meatloaf lose it, we’ve seen Gary Busey salivate over sunscreen, and although Star Jones is no longer large, we have definitely seen her in charge. Tonight it all comes to a head in a special two-hour finale as one of our stars becomes the newest Celebrity Apprentice.

Who will join the proud ranks of Poison’s Bret Michaels, Joan Rivers and Piers Morgan to become Donald Trump’s next protege? The previous winners themselves will have a say in the decision as they conduct interviews to determine which of the final four will go on to the final two. With a challenge involving 7UP, the task of impressing Def Leppard, and over US$3million raised for the stars’ charities so far, it all comes down to tonight.

Will newfound friendships be thrown out the window in the quest for glory? Will old riffs tear back open? Will Donald Trump’s combover finally blow over? Find out tonight in the final episode of The Celebrity Apprentice on TV2.

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