The Naked Chef

Tuesday 31 January 8.00pm

Lifestyle Series

Jamie kicks off the series by making a simple yet sophisticated meal for fellow chefs on a rare night off… before getting down to the more serious business of table football. Unfazed by the challenge of impressing the big boss, he’s confident that ‘as long as I give them a really nice cooked piece of lamb and a glass of wine, they’re going to be well chuffed, they’re gonna be over the moon’.

And, with the help of Ben (a fellow chef) he gets to work in the kitchen on a simple but tasty meal of fusion broth with seafood, noodles and black beans; lamb with pancetta, sage and rosemary; roasted red onions with thyme and butter; and vanilla baked fruit. The food’s a winner and the table football continues long into the night. Britain’s grumpiest talking heads share their woes about politics.

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