TVNZ takes aim at Drew Neemia

TVNZ took the opportunity to have a crack at a MediaWorks employee on last night’s edition of One News by filing a thorough report on Drew Neemia’s Twitter indiscretion.

The co-host of FOUR’s Drew and Shannon Live was caught tweeting an abusive message to two teenagers who poked fun at his upcoming single.

Joanna Hunkin reported on the story, which featured interviews with one of the teenagers who received Neemia’s tweet as well as a Twitter “expert”.

The story paid particular attention to the fact Neemia lied about posting the abusive message before being caught out by other teens on the social networking site.

See the story here.

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  • reece_555

    I thought it was a good story to be honest the worst thing about it was that they played snipets of his song. But it is some publicity towards his music career which isnt that known is it???????????

  • regan

    wasn’t he one of the young entertainers?

  • Antonio

    TVNZ are crap making an article like this ,it’s not news. It’s just a reaction

  • reece_555

    Yes he was one of those entertainers or a Mc Donalds young entertainer if you want the full title.

  • Antonio

    He shouldn’t of sworn but still..

  • ell

    A massive beat up.

    What those two kids were doing is fairly close to bullying by definition. He retaliated.

  • JMapother

    Drew Neemia was wrong to do that based on his career as a youth TV presenter, but sorry those kids are stupid. if you want to put someone down in public and tag them into it, and then cry when they react to it, you should not be allowed on Social Media or the Internet for that matter.

    They clearly can’t handle playing dirty with the big boys. Go home get some common sense and come back when you’re able to either play fair or take it as well as dishing it out.

    The argument that they are teenagers is not good enough, Twitter doesn’t show you that information and you dont even have to go to someones profile to respond to them if they have you tagged in the comment.

    I’m not condoning Drew’s response, but “Welcome to Twitter boys”.


  • Sack John Key

    In all my wisdom not! Drew is one of the best presenters I’ve seen on New Zealand tele. He’s a pro he knew if you put your self out there you will be judged that’s what your aim is by uploading it to social network. His video received both positive & negative feed back which is common, negative responses in my opinion are great if its a critique not uneducated & immature like the one’s he received. There stupid kids who should be better supervised don’t pay any attention to them that there parents job, especially when they allow there kids to to blog inflammatory comments on the net. All in all what has this got to do with his job he has a massive following bit of a witch hunt by all the comment tv4 loss some one else gain…

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    TVNZ were absolute MORONS, they didn’t do a background check into that attention grabbing little twat. He relished in the glory of playing TVNZ for fools and stated, “Do you think I did enough to get him fired”? Well he didn’t, but he made TVNZ look like a pack of petty, channel war thugs, who will use anything and everything in an attempt to put down their opposition! Shame on you TVNZ, you made a mountain out of a molehill, with the emphasis on “MOLE”. Really quite mystifying as to WHO actually gave credence to that pathetic story! That is the person who should be in the firing line! That pimply faced wannabe’ was back on his page the next day, asking who he should take aim at next! Hahaha Well Done TVNZ, you sure know a newsworthy story when you invent/see one!