We're expecting a hearse to emerge

Sarah Batley’s live cross on One News tonight was utterly disgraceful and disrespectful to the 11 people who died tragically yesterday in the hot air balloon crash in Carterton, their families and their friends.

Desperately hoping to be live while a hearse drives past with bodies of the victims is incredibly distasteful, offensive and unnecessary.

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  • Alisa

    Agreed. That is not the sort of thing that deserves to be broadcast on television.

  • James Patterson

    Just inexperienced I’d say. Never seen her around before. Don’t think she needed to say it twice like it was some sort of parade…

  • is the video somewhere? 

  • regan

    video is here from 7:34

  • Gavin

    I saw this last night and thought, hmm probably could have sounded a little less enthusiastic about the hearse arriving, but I don’t think it was distasteful at all. I saw the same reporter do the lead story the night before and thought wow, where did she come from – her live cross and the story were really strong. It is clearly a One News policy to look over their shoulder during a live cross and explain what is happening behind them – you see them all doing it. Personally, I actually appreciate the fact that they are justifying the reason for doing a live cross (ie: because something is actually happening now), rather than just standing outside for the sake of it. Live crosses are so over used – do a thread about that!!

  • frenzy

    Looked like she was desparate for the “money shot”.


  • Tim_Ranby

    It’s easy to be a critic.

  • regan

    @Gavin, totally agree that live crosses are over used.  I don’t mind them being somewhere if something is happening but what we saw last night was nothing to be proud of.  The problem with last night was that nothing was happening while the reporter was desperately hoping it would.  Unfortunately for One News, their timing to the live cross was a little off so they didn’t get the choreographed images they were hoping for.  The improvisation that followed was what was offensive.

  • Katie Simmons

    Thought she looked well out of her depth, and more concerned about her lips. 

  • aaronimpact

    I’ll give her the “money shot”.

  • The Realist

    I feel like this it is offensive to point this out and is a desperate attempt for a thread idea

  • John Meltz

    I wonder how many of those defending this are associated with TVNZ. If they are – get real. It was incredibly offensive and I’m glad that Regan had the same reaction as most people who were watching the news last night.