Wild Boys on Prime

8:35pm Tuesday, January 17 on Prime


Prime welcomes Wild Boys to its Tuesday night line-up with a feature length premiere! Moral codes are muddied by circumstance and opportunity. There’s gold for the taking, cash being splashed and power wielded ruthlessly with little regard for right and wrong. It’s hard to know the good guys from the bad when guns, blades and fists speak louder than any law. This is the world of the Wild Boys, a high-energy adventure series about a gang of bushrangers whose charisma and charm is as captivating and entertaining as their extreme exploits in the Australian bush.

Set in 1860s NSW at the frontier, where gold has lured the opportunistic away from the still fledgling main colonies, Wild Boys follows four men on the outside of the law as they come up against authority, the rich and greedy and the foibles of their own hearts. Jack wants enough gold to head west, buy land and settle down with the amazing Mary, Hopetoun’s publican, butcher and brothel owner. Dan wants enough gold to head west and buy women (any women, really).

Captain Gunpowder really just wants to have fun with Jack, Dan and his cache of explosives (and maybe win the heart of a certain school teacher). And Conrad really doesn’t care about the money. He just wants to elope with the mayor’s daughter Emilia. The Wild Boys are making plans for the future – but for now they have to make do with each other as they stage holdups, keeping one step ahead of the traps, trackers, and other outlaws. The question is, are they smart enough to stay ahead of Fuller, Fife and Scanlon, each of whom has a very good reason to want the Wild Boys dead?

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