History Under The Hammer

7:00pm Sunday, February 26 on Prime

Documentary Series

History Under The Hammer is a captivating series where items of historical significance are located at New Zealand auction houses prior to going under the hammer. In order to tell the stories of those who were here before us, we spiral back in time to reveal rich, dazzling and unexpected chronicles of our past. We then return back to the present day to follow the suspense and drama between the buyers and sellers as the items realise their prices in today’s auction rooms where they eventually move on into the hands of their next custodians. In tonight’s episode we learn about a highly sought after 1929 Douglas motorbike once raced by charismatic speedway star and ladies man Wally Kilminster. Also featured is a gorgeous brooch that proves to be almost identical to one made by a famous Scottish arts and crafts jeweller, and a New Zealand stock whip handle with a fascinating past.

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