House on TV3

8:30pm – Sunday, February 12 on TV 3

The consequences of House (Hugh Laurie) driving his car through Cuddy’s house are the central point in this week’s House season eight premier, screening on Sunday, February 12 th at 8:30pm on 3. “Actions have consequences – even on TV,” House creator and executive producer David Shore explains. “He wasn’t trying to hurt anybody; he was trying to lash out. But you can’t have him just walk away from something like that.”

“So the decision was made to punish the guy, and [we thought] ‘how can we have fun while doing that?'” The answer is a season premiere departure episode, similar to the season six premiere that took place with House in a mental hospital.

This time however, House finds himself several months into a prison sentence and five days away from being granted parole, despite a less-than-cuddly encounter with the parole board.

But will House be able to go against his natural instincts and keep his mouth shut in order to be paroled? Find out when House returns to our screens on Sunday, February 12 th at 8:30pm on 3.

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