Keeping Up With The Joneses on One

7:00pm Saturday, February 18 on TV One

Meet the Joneses: an ordinary family living extraordinary lives at a vast cattle property called Coolibah, in the heart of Australia’s top end.

Tonight, Cristina Jones is pregnant!

The Outback is a long, long way from medical help, so Cristina takes Milton and Little Milton 3,000 kilometres with her to Brisbane, for her first scan. During the ultrasound, the family meets their newest for the first magical time.

It’s also Cristina and Milton’s wedding anniversary, excuse enough for Mrs. Jones to go on a shopping spree.

And while the bosses are away, the Coolibah Crew can play. Chief pilot, Stephen Groves, gets down and dirty on the professional rodeo circuit. Lurch heads to town for the first time in years.

The British backpackers play a practical joke on Rookie Jeff, and his nemesis, Trev the Cook, is laughing loudest.

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