Packed To The Rafters on One

8:30pm Sunday, February 5 on TV One

Tonight, Kiwi actress Zoe Cramond (Go Girls) makes her Packed To The Rafters debut as Emma Mackey, a new friend of Ben’s.

Ben, in a rash frame of mind, accepts an offer of a night out from Emma after meeting her at the boat club. Unfortunately, taking forward steps is not so easy for Ben. The night with Emma turns to a sham when Ben leaves her at a club without bothering to explain why, or even say goodbye.

Things go from uncomfortable to painful when Ben turns up to work to find out that Emma is the daughter of his boss. Ben is forced to make an apology, and eventually an explanation. There is catharsis for Ben in telling his story, the story of Mel, to a new friend. Out of the ruins of the night a new alliance is formed.

Meanwhile, Nathan is in a positive frame of mind, making the most of each day…and then he gets a letter from Sammy’s lawyers; his divorce is final. It’s an uncertain moment.

Jake and Rachel have been skirting around each other for days, with Jake feeling intensely uncomfortable about how Rachel might be seeing him. Finally they reach out to each other and they spend a long night talking.

The day of Coby’s sentencing hearing has arrived, which happens to coincide with Ruby’s first day of day care. So much for Julie getting some spare time to enjoy…

Missed an episode of Packed To The Rafters? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

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