CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Weekdays from Monday 6 February, 5.30pm

For eight years Traffic Cops has been regularly pulling in the audiences with its unique blend of drama, extraordinary action, humour and engaging story telling.

Quite rightly, it’s regarded as the Daddy of the police observational TV genre.

With a unique style of filming and expert camera crews spending days and days (and nights!) cooped up in the back of police patrol cars gathering material that enables us to get to know the men and women behind the uniforms. As well the cops the stars of the show are, of course, you and I, the public! Most of us have been there, blue lights flashing from behind, heart pounding, pulled over perhaps, for a little ‘chat’. Usually there’s nothing more to it but as Traffic Cops reveals, sometimes there is and when there is what follows can be truly spectacular.

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