TV Ratings 2011: Part 4 - Prime

This is the fourth post in a series of analyses that we’ll be doing on the last 12 months of ratings data from the overnights. The previous posts covered the “other” channels, Four vs C4 and TV3.  Today we’re looking at Prime.

2010 (blue line) was a better year for Prime than 2011 (pink line) thanks to the Winter Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.  The highlight in 2011 was the Tri Nations game on the 6th of August.


Overall, the channel share dipped slightly from 5.7 to 4.9.  The numbers are fairly consistent across the year but the rise towards the last quarter of 2011 is due to Downton Abbey.

2012 will be interesting to watch as the Summer Olympics in London will inevitably provide a solid boost towards the end of the year.

Next up we’ll look at Sky

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