All New Simpsons on FOUR

7:30pm – Friday, May 11 on FOUR

This week sees best-selling author Neil Gaiman lending his voice to his yellow-skinned Springfield doppelganger when All New Simpsons screens on Sunday, May 11 th at 7:30pm on FOUR. But if you think that a cartoon walk-on as oneself sounds like the perfect, cushy job, think again. While Neil Gaiman enjoyed his recent work on The Simpsons, it wasn’t the celebrity cameo breeze he expected it to be. Before getting the script for the episode, entitled “The Book Job”, Gaiman imagined strolling in and laying down an easy, “Hi, I’m Neil Gaiman” sort of effort. “The weirdest thing to me was that I actually had to act, which I really wasn’t expecting,” Gaiman explains about his Simpsons guest appearance. “I was actually having to act and stuff happened.” While he wasn’t anticipating that, Gaiman wasn’t disappointed. Looking back, he thinks of the experience of playing himself on The Simpsons as “kind of weird and kind of wonderful.”

But it was also nothing like the real Neil Gaiman. “Truthfully, the real-life me almost never hangs around in Barnes & Noble-like bookstores waiting to find groups of local townsfolk who’ve decided to write pseudonymous young adult fantasy series, offering my services,” he explains.

But that’s exactly what his Simpsons’ version does, which is where he meets the Simpson family. Make sure not to miss this when All New Simpsons continues on Sunday, May 11 th at 7:30pm on FOUR.

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