George Zimmerman vs John Tui

Left: George Zimmerman is confessed killer of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Right: You’ve seen him on Outrageous Fortune, Go Girls, Shortland Street and Power Rangers and now John Tui is about to star along Liam Neeson and Rihanna in the sci-fi blockbuster Battleship.  Perhaps, when they turn Trayvon’s story into a movie there’ll be another acting role for him.

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  • MySay

    Bad taste?  Ironic you have posted recently about disrespecting the dead and you are making light of the murder of a young boy.

    • Oh please.  Trayvon’s death is as tragic as any teenager who dies before their time.  The reality though is that like every other American story that involves an African American death while the police twiddle their thumbs, some Hollywood script writer will already penning a screen play for Hollywood to cash in on.  

      • MySay

         Which, apparently you feel you are qualified to cast. Very tacky indeed.