Megafactories: Ford F150

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesdays from 6 March, 7.30pm

They don’t get bigger, faster or more stylish than this. From the tropical production site of an iconic liquor, to the heart of European engineering finesse, find out how some of the world’s most famous products are made, including the Ford F150, Mack Truck, BMW X3 and Bacardi. The Ford F150 is an amazing truck, with an equally amazing production facility. With a new F150 rolling off the assembly line every minute, the plant is a true testament to modern production. The truck comes in eleven different models and can be ordered in over 500,000 different combinations of cabs, beds, engines and colours. Built from the ground up to maximise efficiency, explore the three key buildings – the body shop, the paint shop and the final assembly line – where this beast is born.

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