The not so mighty ratings

The Almighty Johnsons launched to almighty ratings when it debuted on TV3 in 2011.  The second season though, just hasn’t captured the audience.

When the season launched in 2011, 334,480 people tuned in.  For the season finale, that number had dropped to 242,570.

The second season has promised more of the “god stuff” and while twitter can be found to be alive, the numbers having converted at the peoplemeter level.

For the season premiere, only 184,460 tuned in.  Last night that number was down to 161,570.  Today we had the first lot of time shifted data for the show and only an extra 12,310 bothered to record and then watch the season premiere.  This is disappointing.

Considering Road Madness had 311,240 last night, losing almost half the audience is not good. 

Have you seen the new season of The Almighty Johnsons?  What do you make of it so far?

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  • Eato4

    I have been watching avidly and enjoying it – ratings schmatings.

  • Stanislaus

    I think Aaronimpact and Helen Simon have hit the nail on the head for The Almighty brothers. Unfortunately it seems the programming time and day for this particular show makes its competition Americas highest rating show ever, Big Bang Theory, on TV2 and one of Australias highest rating shows, Winners and Losers on TV1, which means statistically, it doesn’t stand a chance in hell of rating well against these shows.
    I personally think The Almighty Johnsons is one of the most appealing and original shows to come out of NZ ever, but sadly its competition are stopping others from appreciating it in the same way. I hope TV3 create more of this show, and take into consideration their programming flaws when deciding on funding. NZ needs to continue creating great original works which put us on the map.
    I look forward to seeing how the ratings change over the coming weeks.