The Walking Dead on TV2

9:30pm Wednesday, March 7 on TV2

Trying to find the balance between dying to live and living to die is the constant battle for the survivors on The Walking Dead.

Tonight on TV2, the team make a plan, but it’s not a plan that is received well by one of the key people they depend upon.

Ever since the survivors met Herschel (Scott Wilson, The Great Gatsby, The Last Samurai) and his family when Carl (Chandler Riggs) was accidentally shot, his beautiful and remote home has provided a relative haven from the undead.

But when most of the world has been taken over by a virus that turns them into flesh eating zombies, and the destruction of the Centre for Disease Control has killed any hope for a cure, you can never really be safe for long.

Ever concerned for their safety, tonight the group makes a new plan – a plan that Hershel disagrees with adamantly. His home is open to the group of survivors… for now…

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