Remember when Rove dominated the Friday night slot? Gosh that seems a looong time ago. Now everyone talks about sitting down to enjoy a few laughs on TV3 thanks to The Graham Norton Show and local shows 7 Days and WANNA-BEn.

My favourite part of 7 Days is the panels choosing captions for the photos, or explanations for a word in the news that week. I haven’t found the viewer caption competition very funny to date, but I think that’s more a limitation of just seeing the words printed on screen versus hearing comedians joke around and bounce ideas off each other.

WANNA-BEn is really growing on me too – I love all the well-known Kiwi cameos and his interactions with American celebrities – especially how they handle his randomness with such dignity and control. Here’s the preview for tonight’s episode (the final for this season):

And, for something rather different over on TVNZ7 at 7:30pm it’s Episode 2 of The Sitting: award winning Kiwi painter Stephen Martyn Welch paints famous Kiwis while talking to them. Tonight he’s painting Petra Bagust and Mark Sainsbury. Other guests he’ll be painting this season include Sir Michael Hill, Sir Peter Leitch, Nikki Kaye, Jacinda Ardern, Siobhan Marshall and Geradine Brophy. I really like hearing Stephen talk specifics about his creative process and of course the best bit is the big reveal at the end, seeing their reactions.

What are you watching on TV tonight?

Who are you wanting to win on American Idol? (Regan still watches, I listen along sometimes but haven’t followed the show closely for many years.) What do you think of this season of Glee? Some episodes still seem brilliant, but some of this season has been very boring to me.

I caught a bit of Dating in the Dark Australia (TV2, 9:30pm) during the ad breaks of 7 Days. It’s a new twist on the “it’s what’s inside that counts” moral, but feels a bit Big Brother-ish with the night cameras showing them “interacting” in the dark. Of course, they only chose beautiful people in the episode I watched, so I’m not sure if there really was any moral after all.

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