Top stories on One News and 3 News: 23 March 2012

Here is a run down of the 5 most important stories on One News and 3 News tonight.  Please leave your comments on the bulletins in the comments below.

One News

1. 250 more properties red stickered (Lisa Davies, live cross)
2. New temporary village for Christchurch
3. Kiwis in US court  (Jake Tame)
4. Port screening in New Zealand
5. 31 hour seige comes to an end in Toulouse (Garth Bray)

3 News

1. MFAT spends $200k despite reforms (Patrick Gower, live cross)
2. 251 more properties red stickered (Hamish Clark)
3. Progressive Enterprises warned over misleading sales claims (Amanda Gillies)
4. 32 hour seige comes to an end in Toulouse (Melissa Davies)
5. Whitney Houston death


One News definitely lived up to their name tonight.  First off they told us that 250 properties had been red stickered in Christchurch when the actual number was 251. Then the fifth story had them saying the police seige in Toulouse had lasted 31 hours.  Tv3 told us it was 32 as did the Guardian, the Telegraph and Sky News.

Other than the two discrepancies with numbers, they were the only two stories in common tonight.  One News also briefed us on the new temporary village for Christchurch before it was across to the USA and Jack Tame for coverage on the drug smuggling Kiwis.

Tame launched his story with the following statement

Under San Francisco law, our cameras weren’t allowed in court today.

Does this suggest that One News turned up at the court in San Francisco only to be turned away?

He ended his report with

Jack Tame, One News, New York

Apparently not.

3 News lead with news that MFAT is spending more than $200k to bring back diplomats to New Zealand to discuss changes.  No surprise that Murray McCully wasn’t available for comment.

Perhaps it’s because it’s the sponsor of one of TVNZ’s biggest shows that made Progressive’s telling off by the Commerce Commission over beer discounts the third story on 3 News tonight.

The coroner’s report into why Whitney Houston died had been out for hours and yet still made the fifth spot on 3 News.



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