TV producer wants to solve real Kiwis' personal mysteries

Leading TV company Eyeworks New Zealand is on the hunt for stories for a groundbreaking new series that will try to solve ordinary Kiwis’ personal or family mysteries.

Eyeworks is the company behind TV3’s award-winning reunion show Missing Pieces, and other popular shows like The Secret Lives of Dancers and My House My Castle.

It’s now turning its attention to the personal or family mysteries many Kiwis carry around in their hearts and minds, hoping to one day find answers to, but never sure how or when they might find them.

Eyeworks New Zealand’s CEO Julie Christie says the company is looking to find answers, rather than find people.

Mrs Christie says we are looking for “stories we can solve” through our considerable experience and resources.

“It could be a mysterious death or disappearances,” she says, “an unexplained event, or even a suspected crime no-one was ever arrested for.”

“Or it could be something small but quite significant, like the letter from Buckingham Palace one lady told us she’d found in her late mother’s belongings, which says the Queen cannot grant her mother’s request, but doesn’t say what that request was!”

“It’s those kinds of stories – stories that mean something to real Kiwis – that we can and will get to the bottom of.”

Mrs Christie says her new series is quite distinct from Missing Pieces.

“Missing Pieces finds long lost relatives. This show will take ordinary New Zealanders on a journey to find the truth.”

Stories can be emailed to: MYMYSTERY@EYEWORKS.TV or posted to: My Mystery, Eyeworks, PO Box 90018, Victoria St West, Auckland 1142

(From a press release)

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