Winners And Losers

8:30pm Wednesday, April 4 on TV One

Enter the world of Winners And Losers, a switched-on drama series that takes us into the hearts and homes of four very different women.

Tonight in the season final, wedding bells ring as Bec’s big day finally arrives. As she and Matt are pronounced husband and wife, it seems Bec’s fairytale life is about to begin, until Donna arrives with a startling revelation.

Sophie remains determined to keep the truth about her feelings about Doug to herself. Will he leave for London unaware?

Happy in her relationship with Zach, Frances remains oblivious to Claire’s true intentions.

And Jenny feels more alive than ever, announcing that she’s decided on the direction she wants for her life.

Missed an episode of Winners And Losers? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

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