TVNZ 7 and the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI) have collaborated with the University of Waikato’s Science Learning Hub, to provide teachers with science and innovation resources for the second time.

Based on two local TVNZ 7 series, the resources are for the current school curriculum and relate to each episode of the second series of Ever Wondered? and each short-form Innovation Stories episode. With insightful questions and activities for students, the aim is to open the minds of students to the wonderment and magic of science and innovation. The resources are targeted at Years 5 to 10, but can be used for younger or older students.

TVNZ 7 channel manager, Philippa Mossman, is delighted that TVNZ 7 is once again able to provide a valuable resource to education providers.

“We are proud of the quality of TVNZ 7’s local science programmes. These accompanying education resources offer a wonderful opportunity to take these programmes from the television screen into the classroom to help make learning about science and innovation fun.

“Extending the reach of TVNZ 7 programmes into the community has been an important part of the channel’s work, and this latest release is a fine example of TVNZ 7’s cost-effective, collaborative partnerships.”

MSI chief executive Murray Bain says, “Science and innovation are critical keys to the future of New Zealand. We’re excited to show the innovators and scientists of tomorrow the kind of opportunities waiting for them in this area.”

The Science Learning Hub’s director professor Alister Jones is also thrilled to be involved in the production of resources for New Zealand students.

“We see this collaboration as an opportunity to engage young New Zealanders in learning about science and technology which occurs in New Zealand.”

The second series of Ever Wondered? sees Dr John Watt visiting a new selection of top Kiwi scientists working on world class research and innovation. The series, made in partnership with the Royal Society of New Zealand, takes viewers on a journey of discovery. Topics include how the brain works; cancer research; the mysteries of the deep, and the impact of virtual worlds. The lively and informative family series, produced by BUTO Productions, is brimming with scientific facts and technological wonder.

Innovation Stories is a series of 14 short programmes, profiling Kiwi companies using innovation to grow their businesses. Produced by Gibson Group in a TVNZ 7 partnership with MSI, the series takes viewers inside exciting development processes, explains the science behind the products, and provides engaging yarns that leave viewers with knowledge about the amazing innovations happening in New Zealand.

Registrations to receive a DVD copy of these education resources have closed, however teachers who have not registered can visit the TVNZ 7 Learning Hub at or The Science Learning Hub at to access the resources and videos from the two series.

In addition to the Science and Innovation resources, the TVNZ 7 Learning Hub is currently accepting registrations for free DVD copies of the series The Good Word Jnr and study guide. This “junior” version of TVNZ 7’s popular The Good Word series sees presenter and author Emily Perkins discuss classic Kiwi fiction with a panel of intermediate students. Each episode also features a special celebrity guest talking about their favourite book, plus mini documentaries presented by roving teenage reporter Frank Talbot.

Aimed at students in Years 5 to 9 and designed to complement the English/ Media curriculum, this series and study guide will be a valuable resource for teachers.

For further information contact the TVNZ 7 Learning Hub at

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